Dr. Guinea Pig George

Dr. Guinea Pig George (Amazon)

**In paperback, Kindle, and free on Kindle Unlimited.**

Who says guinea pigs can’t be doctors? Dr. Guinea Pig George really does think he’s a doctor, and it never occurs to him that he might be wrong!

Then one day George goes on an unexpected house call. Follow clever George as he takes advantage of a “pig-culiar” situation.

It can be a tough world out there. Dr. Guinea Pig George helps show kids that yes, they can be what they want to be, and should believe in themselves even if their dreams seem out of reach.


Reviews (see more on Amazon)

“I would have to say that this is one of the most unique, joyful books I have read in a very long time. Becky Benishek’s story of a guinea pig who pays careful attention to his humans is a great book for kids to read, and would also be enjoyable to grown-up guinea pig owners as well! From start to finish, Dr. Guinea Pig George fills his readers with delight. I recommend Dr. Guinea Pig George to all readers, young and old, who are not only mesmerized by the human-like traits of animals, but also who adore their guinea pigs!” – 5-star review from Readers’ Favorite

“This simply illustrated book is a little treasure, just enough personification to give the hero, Dr. Guinea Pig George, qualities that endear the reader to him, but not overly done to be too human. He learns how to be a doctor by observing Dr. Person George. And one day he has a chance to demonstrate his skills. Will he succeed? That’s a bit of drama. For anyone who has had a guinea pig or a hamster, this story is even more special. To anyone who has been a guinea pig for some health or medical reason, the connection will be doubly alive! As you see by the photo, I’ve been a guinea pig in one of my books!” – Top 500 Reviewer

“This is an engaging, suspenseful tale. It is a fun read, and the illustrations are beautiful. I ordered a second copy for a friend’s 7 year old who is starting to ask for books as gifts”

“The duo behind What’s at the End of Your Nose reunite to bring kids this delightful story about a guinea pig who thinks he’s a doctor. Just about every child can relate to having a pet who takes on human qualities, and kids will love this little guy. George is quiet but sharp. Innocent but adventurous. And when he suddenly gets the opportunity to make the most of his skills–despite his apprehension–he proves to be a medicine man indeed, as he soothes a mother and her child, and speeds the child’s recovery. With a charming tone to the writing and adorable illustrations, this is a book that kids will love exploring over and over.”


“Guinea Pig George lives with the family of Doctor George. Each time the phone rings and the doctor prepares to make a house call, Guinea Pig George sneaks into the bag to accompany the good doctor. One day, he falls out of the bag and decides to explore bit. He happens upon an urgent situation, someone needs a doctor. He saves the day with his experience. Charming, whimsical, and entertaining, Dr. Guinea Pig George is an adorable story for guinea pig lovers everywhere.”

“A very charming story about a lovable stowaway, this little gem proves “if you don’t take a chance, you’ll never know what might have been.” In its simplicity, I think there’s a strong message of empowerment this tale can teach kids.”

“It’s fun little books like this that make me wish they were around when my niece and nephews were younger. Definitely a fun children’s book but a reminder to not let things stop you from doing what you feel you need to do.”

“This book may want you to go out and buy yourself a Guinea Pig! I have to inform you they all have different cute personalities and they are very lovable. Young children will love the antics of Dr.Guinea Pig George thinking he is an actual doctor and this story shows how he learned by observing conversations between Dr. George and his patients. I will let you read the “rest of the story”. The illustrations are fantastic!”

“Bought this and another book by the same author (What’s At The End Of Your Nose?) to read to my kids at bedtime. My five-year-old loves both the story and the pictures. A new favorite.”

“This is one of those books that clearly needs to be on a nightstand for a little child. I give this book 5 stars because I could see myself reading it over and over to a child . The illustrations are beautiful and the content is perfect. A great way to show that guinea pigs are important!!”

“I bought this little book for my two guinea pigs, and you know what they enjoy it every time I read it to them and I have had to read to them quite often! I think they have delusions of grandeur of becoming doctors, you never know sometimes! Would recommend reading it!”

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