Yammer Community Manager: Roles & Responsibilities

Your company has plans to launch Yammer. You’ve been designated the Yammer Community Manager. What do you do first? Read this! (A quick click will take you to my post on the new Office 365 network.)

If you’d rather not, just watch this even quicker guinea pig video.

R.I.P. Gene Wilder

I’ve admired & loved him so much, for a long time.

Marvelous dedications and memories have already spread across the internet, including this quotes collection, so I’ll just say:

Gene was my second favorite movie actor (my first was Harold Lloyd); this scene in The Producers was phenomenal; and–go watch one or more of his movies.


Ignite, Ignite, Ignite! What to Expect

“The question on users’ minds is what to expect from the show and from Office 365 services in general.”

If this is the question on your mind, click here for a quick podcast on the inside scoop of what to expect when you arrive in Atlanta. Part of the time, anyway.


This you would probably not expect.


Why Play Devil’s Advocate, Really?

From a forum discussion located within this awesome post about something else:

Q: Why is there always this need to play devil’s advocate? Not everything has a valid “other side”.


1) Some people believe that slapping phrases like ‘devil’s advocate’ or ‘thought experiment’ on the front of an argument is a magic escape clause if the argument is crappy or ill-thought-out. “Hey, I wasn’t saying something terrible, I was just playing devil’s advocate!”

2) Sometimes when a discussion seems to be mostly people agreeing, there are folks who find that uncomfortable and believe there must, has to be, a dissenting view thrown in, because conformity and sheeple and stuff.

3) To wit: “If only these people had my wisdom and rationality, they’d understand that they could solve this problem quite simply!”

See also this from The Toast.


Listen to: Terra Guitarra

I saw this duo perform at a recent wedding, and was so blown away by their style, talent, tunes, and personalities that I actually bought one of their CDs right there.

“Patchouli” is their project when they have lyrics (named after Julie Patchouli), and “Terra Guitarra” is when they’re doing instrumentals.

And they were always smiling, like they were having the best time.

Patchouli singing: