Already Immersed in Ignite

So I might not be really “here” for this week.

I will instead be here:


Don’t forget to check out the sessions I’m in!

Did I mention I’ll be in a customer panel at Ignite?

It’s really because I’m so busy today preparing for Ignite that I’m posting again about Ignite, in case you were so busy you missed all of those postings about Ignite…


I was not too busy to make this, however

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Microsoft Ignite: Tales From the Frontline of Collaboration!

I’m now listed as a speaker in the Yammer MVP Customer Panel I am participating in, which is super-cool, so…take a look!

 >>Add to your schedule now: BRK2018, Lvl 200 | Hear stories from the frontline of collaboration: Yammer MVPs share their lessons.

Take a Tim Conway Break

I’ve probably posted this before, but today it just might help someone. Even you!

Max Fleischer’s Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy (1941)

Watch out, this one can be a tearjerker!