Goal: Make 2018 Beneficial AND Fun

So far the only way I’ve found to achieve my dreams is to reach for them, but keep a clear head.

You can soar! Just remember where you keep your motor. 🙂

Let your dreams take flight.png


Please Consider Reviewing That Book

Today this review came in for Dr. Guinea Pig George. If you ever think authors don’t read their reviews, we really, really do!

Reviews mean the world to indie authors, because it’s just us out there trying to make a difference, no marketing team, no publishing house funds.

Reviews let us know that the part of ourselves we put into our stories has found a home.

When you review, you make somebody’s day a hundredfold. Barbara here just made mine.


LAST DAY! “Dr. Guinea Pig George” is FREE on Kindle

My children’s book, Dr. Guinea Pig George, is FREE on Kindle through January 7, 2018! 

Download it now!

GIVEAWAY: Dr. Guinea Pig George is FREE on Kindle!

January 5 – 7, 2018: My children’s book, Dr. Guinea Pig George, is FREE on Kindle! That’s Friday through Sunday only.

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Giveaway: A Caricature of You!

Have you always wanted a personalized caricature of yourself? Enter artist Alicia Young‘s giveaway [Instagram] to win a FREE digital caricature painting of you (or a loved one)!

The contest rules are on her Instagram. The winner will be announced at noon CST on Saturday, January 6, 2018. Good luck!